Saturday, August 6, 2005

Restating the question

Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the choices I have when ordering checks. Upon visiting the Clarke American site, I can choose the Endless Grace series, which features Biblical quotes like "The Lord is my shepherd...." The Cherubs series features Christian angel paintings. My original question, however, is whether in addition to these Christian-themed checks, whether you offer Jewish, Moslem, or atheist-themed checks to your customers. If not, I'm curious as to why these aren't available. Thanks again!



Jessica Trupin said...

Well duh! Jews don't need their own checks - we own the banking system! Silly man.

peter taylor said...

I have to wonder what an "atheist themed" check would look like. Probably a bunch of cavemen all dirty and scared huddled around a barely burning wet twig.

Anonymous said...

It really sucks when Josh's family steals my thunder.

And Peter, the Atheist-themed check does exist. It's a piping hot bowl of primordial soup.

Jessica Trupin said...

Oh, sorry ANONYMOUS!