Monday, August 22, 2005

Photo alert!

I've been experimenting with low-light photography a bit, and found that the noise on a D70 hampers it just a bit. I've also had a bit of a problem with proper focus, making some things look a bit fuzzy. (Although that might also just be my eyes, or the fact that this summer has been coated with a sheet of haze.)

I also have a tripod problem. I bought this Promaster 6400 a while ago, and it's turning out to be less than suitable for long exposures or heavy equipment. It's actually a video panning tripod with a handle sticking out, which is great for video but useless for still photography. It is also weak in one direction, so when I mount a heavy 70-200 lens (or even the camera with a kit lens), it will sometimes slowly slide on one axis. I'm looking for a suitable photography tripod now.

Five of my recent photos are below. As always, I can provide a full-sized archival-quality print for any intereste...oh, whatever. I took the wires photo as a long exposure test and thought the outcome was interesting. 30 second exposure at f/5.6, ISO 200 as the moon went in and out of some drifting clouds.

Boston skyline
CITGO sign, Boston

Gin Beach, Montauk
Gin Beach log
Wires at night, Montauk

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