Thursday, October 12, 2006


Bipartisanship is crap. Bipartisanship is meaningless. Bipartisanship means that sometimes you do the right thing, but sometimes you go along with Bush. Anyone who claims they're bipartisan is just saying "I think Bush is doing a good job on a lot of stuff." Anyone who claims that they want to make the tone in Washington more civil is really saying "I think Bush is doing a good job on a lot of stuff, so please don't yell at me."

Peter King is known around these parts, oddly enough, as "bipartisan" and "his own man." What does that mean in practice? It means that he voted against the Clinton impeachment eight years ago. It also means that he "thanks God every night that George Bush is our president." I'm going to weigh one against the other and go out on a limb here. King is not bipartisan. King has boasted that he mocks Democratic constituents who write to him. King celebrates Karl Rove, not to mention terrorists. (But only light-skinned ones.)

But back to the point. There is no such thing as "bipartisanship" in America today. Anyone who claims they're trying for it is either lying or delusional. Anyone who thinks Pete King is "bipartisan" is kidding themselves and not looking at his voting record, statements, and actions.


Peter Taylor said...

Great blog Josh! Keep it up!

Joshua Trupin said...

When can we read some more of your excellent musings, my friend?

Peter Taylor said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to use Word to post to blogger :(

Dara said...

Obviously, someone needs to create an OLE client for this thing. Not it.

Joshua Trupin said...

Google can write a fun new interface for it, call it Google Edit, and give it to everyone for free. It will configure itself by silently sending all your existing Word and Excel files back to Google for "storage."

Awwwww, it's so happy and cute! Just a lot of fun.