Monday, October 30, 2006

Stolen signs

I've now had four Mejias signs stolen. Two were at the Bay Shore LIRR station. The first of those disappeared the morning that canvassers for Pamela Greene showed up. The second went up on Saturday afternoon, and was down by this morning. The third was on Union, across from the exit of the Stop & Shop. (The "age 3 and up soccer kids" sign stayed up.) The fourth was from my yard. Someone pulled the sign down but left the metal stakes up.

It looks like this has become a trend around the district - same thing happened to the good folks at King Watch, and all over the place. Of course, Pete King is trying to blame "Democratic operatives." He's probably blaming Newsday as well. So if you see a copy of Parade Magazine sneaking out of your home delivery bag on Sunday, walking down the street, and ripping up signs, please call 911 immediately.

I was up in Westchester/Dutchess County over the weekend. There are signs everywhere. In many cases, John Spencer signs and Hillary Clinton signs sit next to each other at intersections. So what's the problem with King's sign stealers down here?

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