Monday, October 9, 2006

Peter King, terrorist supporter

You can really go a long way in this life if you're willing to bully your way through while shifting your principles to suit.

So yes, this is about Peter King. Rep. King now holds the spot at the head of the Homeland Security Committee, a plum assignment for the Long Island Republican. And his leadership has paid off, as Chertoff drained funding for New York this year in favor of popcorn factories in Indiana.

King has been campaigning for reelection in his two constituencies (Nassau/Suffolk and Fox News), consistently talking about the threat of "Islamic terrorism." He uses the phrase in interviews, in mailings, and he even has Ed Koch using it in the pathetic radio ad for King. (He wanted to get Grandpa Al Lewis, but he wasn't dead enough.)

And you know why he uses the phrase "Islamic terrorism," right? Because for years - decades - King was the American patron of the IRA. Never forget that King aligned himself with "one of the most violent terrorist groups in recent European history."

King defended the IRA and their slaughter in Britain. He called the IRA the legitimate voice of occupied Ireland.

King used to travel to Belfast regularly. Now he has turned on not just the IRA but the entire country of Ireland. He recently said "There's a certain unpleasant trait that the Irish have, and it's begrudgery ... and resentment towards the Americans."

Peter King worked with Noraid, a group that supplied money and guns to the IRA.
Peter King would go to Ireland and drink in IRA clubs - including one that was limited to IRA veterans who spent time in jail.

The conflicts between the IRA and loyalists resulted in over 3600 deaths. They assassinated officials and royals. The IRA was responsible for designing car and truck bombs. The same designs are now used in Iraq against Americans. This is the group that Peter King supported for years.

Peter King is beyond hypocrisy. A hypocrite is someone who says they're a strong supporter of education but then votes for No Child Left Behind. Someone who supports terrorists who slaughter civilians, then vilifies other American citizens as potential terrorist supporters because they happen to be Moslems (or just dark-skinned), is a treacherous, race-baiting danger.

And now King is running on his record - Ed Koch is extolling King's vote to remove habeas corpus from detainees, to wiretap American citizens without cause, and to allow American citizens to be detained without rights at the president's say-so.

Think about it. Peter King supports the reversal of rights that we have assumed since King John in 1215. He wants to rip apart the Constitution, which talks of "inalienable rights" - rights that all humans have. He supported major terrorist groups, and now covers up his past record by vilifying Moslem residents of Long Island.

Peter King stands against the basic goodness that made America the greatest country in the world. A vote for him is a vote for fascism, without exaggeration.


rkimedes said...

I'm just pleased that of the 3 people wo represent me, only one of them voted down habeas corpus and I have the opportunity to vote against him this re-election go-round.

Sean said...

Well done, Peter King!

Joshua Trupin said...

No more chairmanship for Pete King! He didn't lose, but we got the next best thing. He had to piss away his money on defense, and he lost his power. Now he'll just have to be content with being screechy for two years.

Either we beat him in 08 or get him redistricted away in 2010.