Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google "Peter King terrorism"

Here, you can just click here and it will do it for you. The first ten entries:

  1. Wikipedia entry that talks about Newsday readers and editors speaking out against King's thoughts on ethnic profiling. (Quoting MY letter!)
  2. "Peter King, has been aligned with one of the most violent terrorist groups in recent European history...."
  3. "King endorses ethnic profiling"
  4. "The principled opposition to the all paramilitary groups contrasts sharply with Pete King."
  5. "Pete King and his support of terrorism. From a BBC interview: King: To me terrorism is always wrong, but I think the IRA was a legitimate force that had to..."
  6. GovTrack on Peter King
  7. The Media Jihad Against Peter King
  8. NY Times search on Peter King
  9. "Peter King likes to say that he is committed to fighting terrorism. However, when the interests of the terror fight and big business conflict, without fail"
  10. King on NewsHour, where he says "I think it's wrong to make it a partisan issue because the president is absolutely committed to this as are many Democrats. I've never made this a partisan issue."
So out of the top ten hits, two are neutral. One is right-wing. Six link Pete King to terror. And the tenth is a lie from King, the guy who says that he thanks God every night that Bush is our president.

Since Pete King is linked with terrorists wherever you look, it shows just how little the GOP leadership cares about truly fighting the threat when you consider that they made him the head of Homeland Security in the House. Can you imagine? It would be like putting a mining industry official in charge of mine safety enforcement. Or Donald Rumsfeld in charge of defense. Or Dick Cheney in charge of protecting the Constitution. Or....

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