Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The cutest afterlife EVER!

I heard a story today that a company had entered into an agreement with Major League Baseball to offer caskets and urns with your favorite team's logo on it. OK, I thought, maybe someone is really anxious to be buried with the Arizona Diamondbacks rattler on their box. I'd actually heard of another company doing this for some college teams. (Go Dawgs!)

I did a quick search on this story tonight, and the company (Eternal Image) has a rather spare Web site right now. You can get baseball caskets. You can get AKC breed urns for your dog's ashes. (A little odd but understandable.) And you can get...


You can get an urn with a Precious Moments figurine on top. If you croak, but still want people to talk about how cute your remains are, why not dump the ash into a Precious Moments urn? After all, you got married at the Precious Moments theme park in Carthage, Missouri. You're going to get saved for all eternity in your Precious Moments urn. Hey, why not make it a triple play and use a Precious Moments diaphragm on your honeymoon? Live the Precious Moments life. Die the Precious Moments death.

And if all goes well, guess what? This will be the only page referenced within Google that has the phrase "Precious Moments urn" in it. See?

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regis said...

i am hoping that it remains the only one that has the phrase "precious moments diaphragm".