Monday, January 29, 2007

And THIS is how crap becomes "facts"

Granted, it's But I've heard this bullcrap repeated by conservatives more than once.
During [Janet Reno's] eight year reign of terror as the US Attorney General, she took her fight to prove her femininity across the country. . .murdering a woman and child in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. . . .

Timeline for the hard-of-thinking:

22 Aug 1992: Vicki Weaver killed in Idaho.
3 Nov 1992: Bill Clinton elected 42d President.
11 Feb 1993: Janet Reno appointed attorney general.


Anonymous said...

What were you doing on Looking for secret web cam footage of yourself in a NYC public washroom?

expat said...

Yes, but a full-bore coverup took place under Clinton/Reno/Freeh.See
here and here.