Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't eat the snow

I've always wanted a backyard snow-making machine. It just seems so innocent and childlike to wake up to a yard full of snow, even in a year like this where nature isn't cooperating.

But they are now offering an even better deal: the Super Blizzard. You can do so much with it. For instance, you can...uh...make a big pile of frozen effluent.

"Sewage treatment: Some treatment facilities are short on storage and therefore are looking for a solution to store excess waste water in the winter. This effluent can be stored as snow and slowly re-absorbed into the environment as the snow melts in the spring."
So there you go. A sixty-foot-tall pile of frozen effluent. And are those footprints leading up to the top of it? Someone was king. King of the Effluent Heap!

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