Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Honoring Jonas Salk

In the 1950s, polio was a scourge. It was still crippling people, and if you're of a certain age (mine), your parents can tell you about closed swimming pools and other precautions. A doctor named Jonas Salk was the first to develop a vaccine, and as a result he's a hero in the world of medicine (and the world).

So it is only fitting that we honor his accomplishments. The Levittown school district has even named a middle school after him. Sure, they're now part of a controversy because their district has banned service dogs. But it's still important that Falk is recognized for what he did.

And what better way to continue the honor with a fitting mascot? Here's the Salk eagle. It's got human hands. It's got fried chicken legs. And it has obvious breast implants under its sweater, on which the name "SALK" is emblazoned. And it's not wearing any pants.

That's how we honor our academic heroes these days. With a strutting, depantsed, titty half-eagle, half-human chimera in a clingy sweater. The world salutes you, Jonas Salk.

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Anonymous said...

Falk? as in Peter Falk?