Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's got "News" in its name, so it must be news!

For some odd reason, one of the aliases I own has been placed on the NewsMax daily mailing list. As you know, NewsMax is so truthful and newsy, it even has "News" in its name! There are eight or nine Democratic candidates for president in 2008, but for NewsMax, it's all about hard-hitting coverage that looks fairly at both sides.

So in the interest of news, here's recent NewsMax newsletter coverage of Hillary's campaign! (It's a NewsMax newsletter - it's so newsy that it's got "news" in it twice!)

Dec 7 Dick Morris: Hillary Can Win, But Must Not
Dec 13 Rush, Dick Morris Praised 'Hillary's Scheme'
Dec 14 McCain Trounces Hillary
Dec 16 Hillary Clinton Dines with D'Amato, Koch
Dec 19 Hillary Snubs French Socialist Royal
Dec 19 Dick Morris: I'll Leave U.S. if Hillary Elected
Dec 20 Obama Threatens Hillary
Dec 21 Give 'Deck of Hillary' for Christmas
Dec 21 'Crafty' Hillary: A Mom in the White House?
Dec 24 Hillary Disavows Her Iraq War Vote
Dec 25 Dick Morris: Hillary's Mom Strategy
Dec 28 Dick Morris: Obama's Gift to Hillary
Jan 5 Hillary Plans to Derail Obama
Jan 10 Hillary Picks Launch Pad, Koch on Iraq
Jan 12 Dick Morris: Democratic Civil War
Jan 16 Hillary Slams Edwards, Navy Ships Head to Iran
Jan 21 Breaking: Hillary Worried Makes 2008 Announcement
Jan 21 Dick Morris: Hillary in Trouble
Jan 22 Bush Hater Tossed from Jet; Rush and Hillary, More
Jan 26 Dick Morris: Poor Hillary Eclipsed by Pelosi, Obama
Jan 29 Hillary Fibs in Iowa, Bush Warns Iran
Jan 30 Harry Reid's Land Deal; Hillary; Chavez
Jan 31 Hillary's Antics Help the GOP
Jan 31 Dick Morris: Hillary's Achilles Heel in Poll

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