Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ethernet hub

I have one more Ethernet device than I have port on my router, so I decided to get a hub. I went to the Radio Shack in Bay Shore.

"May I help you today?"
"Yeah. I just need a 4-port Ethernet hub."
"We don't have those...uh...they don't exist."
"What do you mean? Of course they exist."
"No they don't. This wireless router does those functions."
"Of course they exist. I've had one in my office for years."
"No, there's no such thing."
"Well thank you. I'm going to go get it from someone who knows what they're talking about."

And now, a quick review.

First, of course 4-port Ethernet hubs exist.
Second, the guy knew they existed, which is why he tried to push me to a router I didn't need and claimed that they did the same thing. But if there's no such thing as a hub, how would he know what function they performed? Huh?
Third, why are you arguing with a customer who knows what he's looking for? And trying to push something on him that he didn't need.
Fourth, why are you telling a customer that the thing he owns doesn't exist?

I walked just next door to Staples, where they had a large range of networking gear. I wonder how much of it actually existed.


metamerist said...

I went to a Radio Shack once. It wasn't a shack at all--just leased space in a strip mall--and, not that many radios. Pizza Hut is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Josh tore up his battery club card as soon as he walked out of the store.