Monday, January 1, 2007

Dullest story of the year

Every year, they manage to run the dullest news story on Jan 1. It always goes something like this:

"...and two hospitals each claim they had the first baby born in the new year. In Queens, Flushing General welcomed in Ming-Hsi Goldbaum at 12:00:00.00003 AM, right after the ball drop. Meanwhile, in the Bronx, Shannon Rabinowitz gave birth to daughter Kaitlin at 12:00:00.00005 AM."

AAAAAAAGHHHHHH. NO ONE CARES WHICH HOSPITAL FUDGED THEIR BIRTH RECORDS BEST! What do you get anyway, a lifetime pension? A new home? Or a 42-pack of newborn diapers courtesy of Pathmark?

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