Saturday, November 15, 2003


Remarkably, I was able to get the ReplayTV working on the first shot, with a new 160 GB drive. It's a slightly annoying process that involves downloading a drive image from an unofficial site, patching the new drive with that image, then connecting the drive to the ReplayTV box. Then you plug it back in, give it a factory reset, and start from scratch. But it's working, and it's not skipping and freezing anymore. I feel so ept.

I spent a bit of time relaxing at King Kullen, "America's First Supermarket." I like King Kullen for two reasons. First, they mist the red peppers every five minutes so that you don't notice that the stems are rotting out. While they mist, they play a few notes of "Singin' In The Rain," presumably to hide the fact that it looks like someone tap danced on the tomato three-packs. The second thing I like is the expanded ethnic food aisle, featuring products from some unnamed Eastern European country. There's nothing I enjoy more to start my day off than clownberries in heavy syrup!

I got email from Sylvia, my train friend. She'd been talking about company layoffs for a few weeks, and they finally did it to her. It sucks.

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