Sunday, November 9, 2003

Heat's Off!

The heat's off. The house is about 50 degrees, and the thermostats are turned up to 80 or so. As everyone knows, turning the thermostat way up high makes really, really hot air blow out and increases the temperature a lot more quickly. Set it at 78, 78 degree heat blows out. Set it to 140, 140 degree heat blows out and the house is warm again in five minutes.

I went downstairs and pressed the big red "Do not press this button" button on the furnace. It went on for a few seconds, then cut out again. Time to call Frank Brothers. Frank Brothers showed up and figured out the technical problem - they didn't deliver the oil in time! So "Frank" went out and got a little pitcher of oil to top up the house. That lasted for, oh, a few hours.

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