Thursday, November 6, 2003

Go rat go!

Longest damn day of my life. After repeated rodent problems, the exterminator was called back. This time they didn't send over the guy who said that mice have cartilage instead of bones, but the guy who did come over said "mice ain't doin' this." He left behind some rat traps. Shortly thereafter, they started to snap shut every few minutes. It sounded like a day-late celebration of Guy Fawkes Day.


Big rat.

Little rat.

White rat. Brown rat.

Go rats go! "Now do you like my hat?"

"No. You're filthy vermin that ate about two pounds of my dried fruit. I want to snap your neck and get your family out of my walls before you chew up any more of my satellite cables and give my dogs the plague."

Rats sorted out, I packed my son in the car for his hockey practice. It was pissing rain. My headlights didn't seem to be working well. My wipers didn't seem to be working well. Then as I was tooling up the Sagtikos, my radio reset itself. Uh oh - this is what happened two weeks ago. I got this FIXED. This time the car died within about two miles of driving. I barely made it over to the grassy side of the rain-slicked highway. Dead. Unbelievable. I called AAA, they took only an hour to show up, and I sent it back over to King Bear to fix what I thought was the same problem. Although it turned out not to be - the tow driver pointed out the shredded alternator belt hanging out from under the car!

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