Saturday, November 1, 2003

Cynicor HubbyHelmet

Great satellite image (heat-enhanced) of the fires around Los Angeles this week. (Not great as in "cool", because over a dozen people have died. Well, yeah. Great as in "cool". Except for everyone who died.)

The oddest Halloween treat was the old lady down the block who gives each kid a fun-size Snickers and a tennis ball. Because even more than candy, what kids like on Halloween is a nice game of fetch.

Great new idea to bring marriages closer together. All wives love to nag, and all husbands love to sit around watching football. With the new Cynicor HubbyHelmet, you can bring these interests together! We supply a custom-made, full-sized football helmet with your husband's name on it. Every time he does a chore that you're nagging him to do, he gets a gold star (supplied)! In no time, your couch potato spouse will be on the house's all-star ballot, and you'll both have fun doing it!

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