Friday, November 14, 2003


The ReplayTV is dying. It's very nearly dead. It's constantly rebooting itself, the shows are stuttering, and it's acting like something with a busted hard drive acts. I can't even pull shows off of it anymore. So like any self-styled geek, I did the only thing possible. I took it upstairs and disassembled it.

A ReplayTV is pretty simple, actually. A couple of wires and circuits, and standard hard drives. This one was a model 4160, with two 80 GB hard drives. I figured I might have to do a disk check on them or replace them, so I took the drives out of the Replay, opened up my desktop machine, attached the first Replay drive to the HD ribbon, and yes! I snapped one of the connector pins on the drive, completely destroying it.

Well, there's still one more to try. I plugged it into the PC, and yes! Nothing came up on it. I've managed to destroy two 80 GB drives in five minutes. I'M NOT A HARDWARE PERSON. I read up on ways to upgrade your Replay, and I've decided that the only solution is to put in a new 160 GB drive.

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